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The mold industry is a custom manufactured industry, mold designed and processed according to customer’s products design drawings with requirements. Mold design is the most important part of the mold fabrication, sometimes, different mold manufacturers have different design concept and manufacturing philosophy, especially for large mold. RYD Tooling has the ability to make large and complex molds. By providing the best mold design and manufacturing solution, we also help our customers to save money. Here we can demonstrate one case about making large mold with less cost. Take the mold of automobile wire groove plate we received in 19 years for example.


This is a wire groove plate that connected to the auto engine. As shown on the above picture, the green one is the perspective of the customer’s original data. If we quoted it according to this angle directly, the mold cost will be expensive because the mold sizes and weight will be larger, the mold weight will be close to 10 tons. Apparently, we are not satisfied with this layout. The thing is, how to reduce the mold and injection manufacturing costs? How to reduce the weight of the mold yet make sure the mold quality and strength? When the mold weight down, the mold cost is down, and customer can use the smaller injection molding machine which could save the molding cost.

What we did

The mold sizes before the adjustment:

Mold Cavities:              1 Cavity

Steel of Cavity/Core:   738H

Mold Life:                      300,000

Mold Dimension:         900*1300*1100 mm

Mold Weight:               10,102 kg

The mold sizes after the adjustment:

Mold Cavities:              1 Cavity

Steel of Cavity/Core:   738H

Mold Life:                      300,000

Mold Dimension:         700*1300*1000 mm

Mold Weight:               6680 kg

When we create this challenge, we have the idea. As the picture shows, the right one (purple) is the new layout, by rotating the 3D 28 degrees to the east around the original coordinate, it would make the mold size and weight greatly reduced. The customer was very happy with this resolution. At last, the completed mold weight is 6680kg, which is reduced by 3422kg.

This is the mold design, the new angle of the 3D data makes good use of the space and reduce the width of the mold.

The mold flow analysis is one of the critical stage for the large mold design and manufacturing, it shows the feasible solution and avoids the potential molding issue.



Part Name:                   KKTE20194

Part Material:               PA66

Mold Cavities:              1 Cavitie

Steel of Cavity/Core:   1.2738

Mold Life:                      300,000

Mold Dimension:         700*1300*1000mm

Standard Parts:            Hasco

Polishing Grade:          Technical Polishing

Ejection:                        Hot runner with Valve Gates

Our Customer Say

Dear Bruce,

We have finished the trials, GRI0001-0002 with 320To clamping force and GRI0003 with 400 To clamping force. The mold is running good. Thank you for that. Just a little bit, the part weight is smaller, we use a little bit smaller pressure but the part is ok dimensionally.


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