Building molds for high clear parts

Building injection molds for high clear plastic parts, RYD TOOLING provide you decade of experience and quality service. Clear injection molds and plastic molded parts requires special manufacturing process and capability. It starts from the selection of mold steel to the injection molding conditions and parameters like temperatures, pressures and speeds, from the mold design to inserts polishing like high gloss polishing and optical polishing.

The most commonly used and feasible material of mold insert is NAK80 and S136. The applicable polishing process for the
general clear products is high gloss polishing and optical polishing for optics lenses.
PMMA is Acrylic which has the most excellent performance of transparency, 92% of optical penetration. PC makes the parts
more precise and strong, great performance of climate resistance. Application for clear plastic parts: Medical device, LED light,
automotive headlight and dashboard lenses, optical instrument, LCD, electronic and electrical parts, display shelf and clear container etc.