Rapid Prototyping to Save You Time and Money

If you want to know how the end product will look like before it’s produced through injection molding or to test ites dimensions and compatibility, RYD Tooling can offer you rapid prototyping and 3D printing (Additive Manufacturing) services. It’s a good solution for testing your concept quickly and cheaply.

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What you can get from our prototyping service:

  • Prototypes, samples and small production runs.
  • Obtain reliable information (mechanical, geometric, etc.) about the final parts.
  • Validate the drawings prior to production.
  • Accelerate a product’s access to its market.
  • 3D prototype

Speed & Quality

With 3D printing and prototyping, you can get a finished product in only 3-7 days. The sample maintains a high degree of similarity in appearance and performance of your part. The prototype can represent the complex geometries, thin walls, tight tolerances and other ultra-fine details in the end product, giving you a way to facilitate an efficient and cost-effective evaluation before starting the mold production.

Methods & Materials

Though prototypes are not meant for long-term use, we use production grade thermoplastics so that the 3D printed models are just like any plastic component. Multiple plastic options are available for an economical means of producing concept samples. Different printing methods such as ABS and SLA are provided to better take care of all your 3D prototyping needs.

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