What We Do

RYD Tooling is a full-service supplier of plastic injection mold and molding industries, providing original equipment contract manufacturing of a wide variety of injection molded components. We also have a wide number of connections and good relationships with satellite industries like 3d printing, CNC machining and die texturing, to help completing service for certain need.

3D Prototyping

Providing 3D prototyping service for your conceptual design, which includes 3D printing and CNC machining. Before the tool building and production molding for large volume or just simply samples test and small quantity production, these printing or machining processes advantage in low cost and short lead time.

Prototypes Mold

Some of your projects may just require hundreds or thousand pieces of production for market test or any other purpose. We provide the prototype mold and samples in a shorter lead time than the production mold. Through the communicating and any possible modification for your design, and once the design is completed, we use the soft steel to build the prototype mold in as little as 15 days.

Mold building

Our project engineer will manage all the processes for your project from the mold design and construction to mold manufacturing, molding trial, samples inspection and shipping, tool inspection, packing and delivery. RYD Tooling is capable of building molds for a variety of industries and markets, including the Automotive, electronics, appliances, furniture, military, consumer. RYD is good at making injection molds for the area of: high clear plastic parts and lenses, two-shot molded parts, over-molded parts and insert-molded parts.

Production Molding

RYD has molding press from 86 ton to 1,000 ton to provide injection mold or production molding service for small and large volume products.

Added Value & Operation

Providing some secondary operation after the parts molding, including parts painting, silk-screening, and some simple mechanical assembling. We also provide the warehousing and logistical support to cut your cost down and guarantee the on-time delivery.

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