Automotive Injection Mold Manufacturer from China

RYD Tooling is well-versed in producing all kinds of automotive injection molded parts, from interior components to exterior, with a full range of OEM/ODM services including design, prototyping, tooling, and injection molding to suit all your needs.

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Automotive Injection Solution

Why Automotive Manufacturers Choose RYD Tooling

Flexible customization

RYD Tooling can produce a variety of automotive parts regardless of the vehicle design. ODM and OEM services are available.

On time and on budget

We help control costs and create a timetable for your project, taking full advantage of our supply chain network and injection molding capabilities.

Reliable and safe parts

We use engineering-grade resins sourced from reliable suppliers and have the production process under stringent quality control.

High accuracy and fine detail

Perfect combination of advanced machines and specialized techniques guarantees the car part is built to your exact requirements.

Automotive Injection Molded Parts

  • air-inlet-tank--automotive-injection-mold
  • auto-Grille--automotive-injection-mold
  • Center-control--automotive-injection-mold
  • front_lamp--automotive_injection_mold-removebg-preview
  • Tail_lamp--automotive_injection_mold-removebg-preview
  • Seat-side-cover--automotive-injection-mold
  • Products-automotive-7
  • Products-automotive-8
  • Products-automotive-9
  • Products-automotive-10

Injection Molding by Application

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Insert Molding

  • Reduced product size and weight
  • Increased IP rating
  • Improved robustness and reliability
  • Increased design flexibility
s03 img2

Two Shot Molding

  • Improved product appeal
  • Enhanced grip on non-slip surfaces
  • Fulfilled complex designs
  • Capable of extra functions
s03 img3

Clear Plastic Molding

  • Highly transparent
  • High gloss and optical polishing
  • Lighter and stronger than glass
  • Easy to clean and maintain
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About Us

RYD Tooling has engineered and built more than two thousands of world-class plastic injection molds. More than 90% of our molds and products are exported to Europe and North America.

RYD stands for "Realize Your Design" and we can offer you valuable ODM/OEM services, from the very first idea to the final product. All you need to do is tell us your injection molding needs!

Case Studies of Injection Molding

  • Wire Plug
    Wire Plug
  • traffic-light-case
    Traffic Lens
  • rydtooling large moulds
    Large Moulds
  • Car Dashboard Lenses with Excellent Polishing Performance
    Car Dashboard Lenses

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