advantage of rydtooling clear plastic molds

Your Professional Clear Plastic Mold Manufacturer

A clear plastic mold is used to manufacture transparent plastic injection molding parts. As such, it requires high-grade materials as well as special skills to design and produce.

We bring more than 15 years of design and manufacturing experience to the table, which along with our 11 sets of accurate CNC machines, 9 sets of EDM machines, and over 90 employees allows us to create all kinds of clear plastic components.

For your B2B supplier needs, we offer bulk purchase discounts, customized designs, ongoing support and many other value added services to make sure your buying process smoother.

Advantages of Clear Plastic Molding

We capitalize on our experience and innovative approaches to deliver all your clear plastic molding needs. Other advantages of working with us include:


Optimized Product Size and Weight

Clear plastic components need to have precision to be used effectively. You can customize the weight and size of your components by giving us your exact requirements. We can manufacture clear plastic molds in all shapes and sizes.


High-Quality Raw Materials

We use high quality materials that ensure we deliver parts that are leak proof. Additionally, the seamless design of our molds delivers parts with a solid structure and that has no gaps or deformations.


Improved Aesthetics

Aesthetics are really important when it comes to clear plastic components, take lab glasses for example. We make sure that the plastic components are truly transparent and polished so that they have a glossy finish.


Improved Reliability

Our clear plastic molds don’t just make aesthetically pleasing components but also ones that are fully functional. Clear plastic components made by RYDTOOLING are lighter than glass while being stronger and more reliable as well.


Increased Design Flexibility

Our clear polystyrene plasticdesign guide gives you the freedom to choose between a wide range of design options. Whether you require simple or complex components, large or small, we can design them for you with ease.


Optimize Costs and Functionality

High-quality clear plastic molds don’t have to break the bank. Our highly competitive prices will help you order your components in bulk without worrying about your bottom line.

Applications of Clear Plastic Molding

Clear plastic molded parts can be applied to the following industries

Electronic Components

Electrical components of various kinds require clear plastic parts and casings. Clear plastic molds are the perfect solution for such components.


Certain parts of a car require clear plastic components like the headlights of a car. Clear plastic molds can be made to cater to these needs.


Appliances may require certain plastic components that can be made by using a clear plastic molding process.


Medical equipment like syringes, pill boxes, safety gear, and more needs to be made using clear plastic molds.

How to Make Clear Plastic Parts

Clear plastic molding process allows you to create components that are fully transparent. For example, lens injection molding involves piping transparent plastic material into the clear plastic mold, waiting for it to cool, and then taking the finished cleared injection molded plastics out.

RYDTOOLING clear plastic molding is simple. It begins with a detailed concept design and rendering of the plastic component you want to manufacture. Then we use rapid prototyping and 3D printing to bring your design to life. We tweak the design as per your requirement and then create a clear plastic mold that matches your demands exactly.

We also provide plastic injection molding services to make all kinds of different components. Our 14 injection molding machines ranging from 86 tons to 1,600 tons allow us to create all kinds of clear plastic components for various applications.


High-Quality Clear Moldable Plastic for Transparent Injection Molding

Clear glass components rely heavily on the kind of thermoplastics used in their manufacturing. At RYDTOOLING, we use only the best quality thermoplastics to ensure that your clear plastic components are strong, durable, and error-free.

Some of the materials we use include clear polystyrene plastic and clear ABS. Our list of materials is much longer and you can count on our team to advise you on which of them would be best for your product.

Advantages of Clear Plastic Molding

advantage of rydtooling clear plastic molds

Clear injection molds and plastic optics require special manufacturing methods and capabilities to meet our customers’ demanding expectations. RYD Tooling can offer you more than 10 years of experience and quality services for building injection molds and highly clear plastic parts.

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Why Choose Clear Injection Molding From RYDTooling

  • Highly transparent
  • High gloss and optical polishing
  • Easy to shape and fabricate
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Time- and cost-effective
  • Lighter and stronger than glass

Plastic Molded Parts Made By Clear Injection Molding

  • optical-lens--injection-molded--R804-1
  • goggle-lenses--clear-plastic-mold
  • Car Dashboard Lenses with Excellent Polishing Performance
  • circular-arc--clear-plastic-mold
  • Led-lens-clear-plastic-mold
  • optical-lens--plastic-injection-molding

Case Study

Car Dashboard Lenses with Excellent Polishing Performance

Car Dashboard Lenses

Our customer came to us to make a mold for the car dashboard lens and asked for optical polishing. Based on the RYD team's analysis of the 3D drawing design of the lens and the customer's requirements, we suggested our customer to improve the product design. In order to obtain the optical polishing level, the customer adopted our Suggestions and made the modification. At last, we made the perfect T1 samples and our customer was satisfied with them.


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