Why RYD Tooling for Your Industry

With more than a decade’s experience and expertise in plastic injection molding, RYD Tooling has successfully offered solutions to demanding applications across industries. We’re trusted by clients across the globe for good reason:

  • Design versatility

    We design, develop, and manufacture molds allowing endless custom possibilities to accommodate any industrial applications.

  • Complete services

    From design to delivery, we offer one-stop solutions to your custom injection molding needs, saving you any hassle of a third party.

  • Fast turnaround times

    We produce molds that allow plastic parts to be made in mass production. Experienced staff and advanced equipment also lead to our production efficiency.

  • Cost-effectiveness

    Taking full advantage of our supply chain network and injection molding capabilities, we help control costs and create a timetable for your project.

Injection Molded Plastics

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Case Study


Traffic lens

Our customer from Australia obtained a project from the local government to develop a traffic light lens. This special les is called Fresnel Lenses which has lots of saw-tooth feature. RYD has never made such a product before, but we are going to look for the solution. We have seen similar traffic light on the street, we are sure that it is made by injection molding. The critical point is that how to make the saw-tooth feature on the lens.


Hear What Our Customer Says

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    David, United States

    Thank you for your generous support. RYD team couldn’t be more accommodating and professional during this tooling build.

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