Advantages of Insert Molding

advantage of rydtooling insert molds

Insert molding allows us to mold one plastic material into or around another material (normally metal) in an injection process to obtain the desired performance to weight combination. A common example of insert molded products is a plastic part with embedded metal nut for screw or bolt assembly.

  • Optimized product size and weight
  • Improve robustness and reliability
  • Increase IP rating
  • Increase design flexibility
  • Improve the cosmetic look
  • Optimize costs and functionality
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Why Choose RYD Tooling

  • Great Design Team
  • Production Capacity
  • Complete Range of Services
  • Product Application
  • High Precision and Technology Available
  • Quality Assurance
  • Fast Turnaround Times

Popular Applications

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  • parts-2--insert-mold
  • parts-3--insert-mold
  • parts-4--insert-mold
  • Parts-5--insert-mold
  • Parts-6--insert-mold

Case Study

Wire Plug

Wire Plug

October 13, 2018. Our European customers send us the RFQ to make one set of injection mold for the plug with cable, which was applied in the automotive electronics. They have made one mold for this product in 2016, they need a new mold and want to make some structural improvements. Before this, RYD was not so familiar with this type of mold, but we were confident that we can fulfill our customer’s requirement.


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