advantage of rydtooling insert molds

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An insert mold is a plastic layer that is molded around and over another molded part to create a unified component that’s more functional and stronger.

We have been active in the insert mold manufacturing industry since 2006, and we have the best team at hand that’s vastly experienced in crafting the best products for our clients.

When it comes to all your B2B needs, we offer bulk purchase discounts, customized designs, and continued support throughout.

Advantages of Insert Injection Molding

As far as delivering from our end is concerned, we are the best in the game. We follow timelines strictly to ensure that our customers get what they request at the time they need them. Outsourcing your insert injection molding needs from us has the following advantages.


Optimize Product Size and Weight

You will have all the components that you need to be designed and manufactured in the exact sizes you request to fit into your production process. Products that use this include cable plugs in the automotive industry.


Increased IP Rating

Our manufacturing processes increase the safety and durability of the insert molds, ensuring that anything you use to create them will not only be safe for use, but you get to use them for as long as you want without any need for replacements.


Improved Aesthetics

As much as we focus on functionality and quality, we also pay attention to the cosmetic look of the products. Our insert molds are made using the latest technologies and are handled by experts who ensure they look their best.


Improved Robustness and Reliability

What you are looking for are products that are strong enough to be used in any intense work without coming apart. We at RYDTOOLING understand our customer needs, and we focus on making robust molds that can withstand anything.


Increased Design Flexibility

You won’t be limited to one function when you switch to our insert molding design guide. The designs are flexible, customizable, and can be used in a versatile number of ways without any need to create new insert molds.


Optimize Costs and Functionality

You get what you buy when you partner with us. We do not cut shortcuts in our production processes. Every insert mold is subjected to a number of rigorous tests that ensure it performs at optimum levels.

Customize Insert Molds for Your Applications

Insert molds are used in the following industries

Medical equipment like syringes and drug holding compartments are made using insert molds to create identical products of the same size, an important factor that determines the efficacy of the equipment.

There are parts of the car that are made of plastic, like headlight covers. Insert molding is the only way they can attain the right shape and size that fits in with the rest of the car parts.

Consumer products require the best packaging materials, which are made using insert molds for uniformity and safety purposes.

Electrical components like wires require insulation that protects people from electrical shock. Insert molding is the most effective way of ensuring that this is achieved.

Why Choose Insert Molds from RYDTOOLING

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Great Design Team

We have an in-house design team that consists of highly qualified individuals with a great eye for design and detail, and you are assured of quality work every time you partner up with us.

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Complete Range of Services

We don’t just stop at manufacturing insert molds. We are in with you for the long haul. We start by designing the product while involving you every step of the way until the end product materializes as you envisioned it.

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High Precision Technology

We employ only the best for our customers. Using the latest molding technologies and state-of-the-art equipment to ensure the insert molded parts that fall into your hands are the best in the entire market.

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Fast Turnaround Times

You don't have to wait for months to see the designs. Once you partner up with RYDTOOLING, the process begins immediately, and you are assured of getting your insert molds as fast as possible.

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Production Capacity

We have the capacity to handle huge volumes of production no matter how big your order may be; therefore, you will not be limited. You can always meet your demand when you work with us.

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Quality Assurance

Every insert mold that passes off the assembly line undergoes rigorous tests to ensure that they are up to international standards. You can rest easy knowing that the final insert molds that come to you are the best.

Insert Molding Process

Molten plastic is injected into a pre-made mold that takes the shape of the intended final product in the exact replica. The mold is then allowed to cool, refined until it attains the shape and looks needed for it to function.

Insert molding process comes in handy in the assembly of discrete parts that can be joined to make complete components that can be utilized in many ways depending on the needs. Rather than create a huge singular component, you can join smaller and more refined parts made from the insert molding process to create a better product.

The biggest beneficiaries of the insert molding process are the electronic industry, car assembly, among many others.

insert molding process

High-Quality Thermoplastics for Insert Molding

The raw materials used in the insert molding processes are called thermoplastics. They can be reheated repeatedly, cooled, and softened without losing any of their string qualities. The quality of the final products depends on the quality of the thermoplastics used. Thermoplastics come in many forms and colors, with each designed for a specific product type.

When choosing thermoplastics for this process, you have to pay attention to the following considerations.

Case Study

Advantages of Insert Molding

advantage of rydtooling insert molds

Insert molding allows us to mold one plastic material into or around another material (normally metal) in an injection process to obtain the desired performance to weight combination. A common example of insert molded products is a plastic part with embedded metal nut for screw or bolt assembly.

  • Optimized product size and weight
  • Improve robustness and reliability
  • Increase IP rating
  • Increase design flexibility
  • Improve the cosmetic look
  • Optimize costs and functionality
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Why Choose Insert Molds From RYD

  • Great Design Team
  • Complete Range of Services
  • High Precision Technology
  • Fast Turnaround Times
  • Production Capacity
  • Quality Assurance

Applications of Insert Molds

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Case Study

Wire Plug

Wire Plug

October 13, 2018. Our European customers send us the RFQ to make one set of injection mold for the plug with cable, which was applied in the automotive electronics. They have made one mold for this product in 2016, they need a new mold and want to make some structural improvements. Before this, RYD was not so familiar with this type of mold, but we were confident that we can fulfill our customer’s requirement.


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