Injection Molding Manufacturer For Your Plastic Parts

RYD Tooling is sufficiently equipped to deliver injection molding products in bulk without delay. Our factory is fitted with 11 CNC machines, 9 EDM machines, and 14 injection molding machines. Our injection molding machines have capacities ranging from 86 to 1600 tons of plastic parts.

Further, our team of staff is well-skilled in different injection molding techniques including two-shot molding, large molding, and insert molding, among others. We harness these skills to deliver the parts that are excellently molded.


Injection Molded Products By Industry



We manufacture automotive injection molding parts such as dashboard components, door handles, and exterior trimmings for various auto manufacturers. We use high-quality materials and techniques such as insert molding and double molding to make these structures strong, high-performing, and durable.



RYD is a supplier of injection molding plastics used in the medical industry such as syringes, measurement beakers, and surgical goggles. We use easily sterilizable materials and also offer clear injection molding for units that are required to be transparent.


Household Appliances

We manufacture plastic home appliance shells for products like fridges, washing machines, vacuum cleaners, and many others. These shells house the electrical components that make the appliances functional. They also protect users from electrocution and add aesthetic value to the appliances.



Our team has successfully fulfilled injection molding orders for playhouses, baby walkers, and hundreds of miniature toy designs. We mold them in lightweight pieces that are easy for children to handle and sizeable enough to prevent choking hazards.



From plastic chairs to outdoor tables and stools, you can rely on us to deliver quality plastic furniture. We produce stackable units that have strong but lightweight structures. We use quality materials that do not fade and lose their appeal.



Military equipment is required to be hardy enough to keep up with rigorous drills in different terrain. This is why we manufacture military radios, headsets, and water containers using high-grade plastics. Where necessary, we employ double molding to enhance grip.

Full Injection Molding Process

Plastic Material Procurement

Our production team recommends suitable injection molding materials for each project depending on the application and design of the plastic part. Upon client approval, we source the materials from vetted suppliers. We require a UL certificate from every supplier to authenticate the quality of their materials before purchase.

Injection Molding Parts Specification
and Confirmation

When you reach out to us with an order request, our team will evaluate it and respond within 24 hours. Our designers and engineers will consult with you to confirm details such as part design and dimensions. They may advise on manufacturability or recommend modifications to optimize your injection molding parts.

Injection Molding Tooling Design

Our design team develops a mold design that bears all the features of the part to be injection molded. They also factor in production features such as draft angles. The design is then evaluated by mold design engineers to ensure that it is accurate and suitable for replicating the part.

Plastic Injection Molding Manufacturing

At this stage the mold has been manufactured and tested, therefore, production can begin. Molten resin is first Injected into the mold at high pressure through a sprue. The resin is allowed to cool for a set time to form the plastic part.

Quality Assurance For Injection Molded Parts



We manufacture appealing injection molded parts with flawless designs and outstanding finishes.



Our factory is equipped with advanced machinery. This enables us to manufacture accurate molds and subsequently realize precise plastic parts.



We optimize all injection molding designs during production to ensure they have high tolerances and provide high functionality.

Why Choose Injection Molding
Services From RYD


High-quality Materials

At RYD, we only use premium quality thermoplastic materials obtained from vetted top-tier brands. Consequently, our injection molding parts are more durable and of superior quality.


Short-run Injection Molding Production

Our factory is equipped with 14 injection molding machines that can all run at the same time. This enables us to produce more plastic parts within short durations.


Full Injection Service

We provide a full package of injection molding services. They range from part and mold design to mold making, 3D prototyping, and injection molding.


Low Injection Molding Costs

Our design and production engineers optimize all part and mold designs to achieve high production efficiency. This reduces errors and wastage, shortens production cycles, and subsequently lowers injection molding costs.


Plastic Moulding Factory From China

The RYD Tooling factory is a world-class 4000sqm facility equipped with the latest technology. We control the quality of all production processes to provide you with the best injection molding parts.

Custom Injection Molding for Product Application

RYD not only manufactures high-quality plastic injection molds, but also provides plastic injection molding service with 14 injection molding machines ranging from 86 tons to 1,600 tons. From simple parts to complex parts, from small parts to large parts, from low volume production to large volume production, RYD is ready to satisfy all your injeciton molding needs.

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What you can get from our injection-molding service:

  • Precise injection molded plastic parts
  • Automated and efficient production
  • Cost optimization for high volumes
  • Smooth surface finish for end-use parts

Industries We Serve

  • Automotive
  • Appliance
  • Electronics
  • Furniture
  • Aerospace
  • Military
  • Medical
  • More

Efficient Processing Cycle

Short processing cycle ensures high efficiency and productivity. Each cycle takes up typically between 2 seconds and 2 minutes, consisting of 4 steps: clamping, injection, cooling, and ejection. When the injection molding cycle and some post processing (when required) are finished, some types of material like thermoplastics will be recycled as a method of Lean Manufacturing.

Fantastic Range of Molding Machinery

We manufacture our injection molded parts on industry leading CNC and EDM equipment. We are able to produce a plastic part with high quality and tight tolerance from simple to sophisticated design. Molds and parts produced by us have brought satisfaction to many clients from different industries like automotive, household appliances, electronic, furniture, aerospace, and other industrial markets.


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Start Your Injection Mold Project with a Free Quote

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*Please upload your design or description file (Like:STP,DWG,PRT). Size limit is 20MB.