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    What do I need to provide you with in order to get a quote? (How can I get a quote?

    Please email us with the specification of the project, attach the part design drawing. If you would like to purchase plastic injection molds, the information needs to be told are: mold steel, plastic material and surface requirements of the part, the mold life, and the runner system you would like to use. If you want to purchase the molded plastic parts, please tell us the specific plastic material, the production quantity, the part surface treatment and the color for the plastic parts.

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    I just have the pictures for the parts/products, can I get a quote?

    For some relatively simple products with simple structures, it’s good to quote by only the product photos. Send us the pictures of all dimensions and tell us the weight, that would be good. If the part is structurally complicated, and you don’t have the CAD design drawing, you could send the part to us by express, so that we give you the quote with the sample in hand.

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    How do you guarantee my design not be plagiarized or copied?

    These are how we guarantee: 1) Our customers could sign the NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement) with RYD to ensure that we will not plagiarize the design. 2) We are an OEM injection mold manufacturer, we do not have any channels and genes to sell such products, that’s one of the reason we don’t plagiarize or copy the part design. 3) For most projects, injection molded items are only parts of the product, which effectively prevents the whole product from being duplicated by manufacturing in one supplier.

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    Can you do the part design?

    No, we can’t. If you have any concept of sketch, we would suggest you to search the local design company to help you complete the whole design. If you have the design drawings but are not sure if it is suitable for injection molding process, we can help you with the part design modification and feasible optimization.

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    Can you develop the product prototype?

    Yes, we can. Usually, we provide two manufacturing methods for product prototypes: 3D printing and CNC machining. The lead time is 2 to 7 days. If you have the budget, we have another workable process: prototype tooling or rapid mold.

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    How much does the tooling cost for my project?

    Basically, each project is special. The quotation is made according to the part structure and the customer’s requirements. Generally speaking, the more comprehensive the information provided by the customer, the more accurate the quotation will be. Here are some main aspects that decide the tooling cost:The structure of the product, the plastic material, the surface treatment, the production quantity, the mold standard (HASCO, DME, MISUMI, LKM) and accessories, and whether it is exported mold. In a word, our sales and engineers will make the most suitable mold solution for your projects according to your requirements and budgets along with the principle of manufacturability.

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    How soon will I get the quote after I submit my request?

    1 to 3 days. Usually within 24 hours. However, if your project is a large or difficult project, it takes more time for us to provide the reasonable quotation.

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    What kind of trade terms can you do?

    The trade terms we can do:EXW, FOB, CIF, DAP, DDP.

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    What is the payment terms?

    Tooling Payment Term: T/T, 50% Deposit with P.O., Mid Term (First Shot) 30%, Final Term: 20% (before the tooling shipping or before running production).
    Production Payment Term: T/T, 50% Deposit with P.O., Balance Term: 50% Before parts shipping.

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    How long to make a plastic injection mold?

    It depends on the complexity of the product, usually it takes 4 to 6 weeks to manufacture a set of mold. The lead time will be listed on the quotation sheet for reference before the order starts.

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    What is the basic process for a new project?

    First of all, we’ll evaluate your product design and specific requirements, provide you the detailed quotation solution with suitable and moldable suggestion for product design optimization. Second, when the order is confirmed, our engineers will provide you the detailed DFM report, which includes the basic scheme of the mold and the plastic part. Thirdly, during the mold design and manufacturing stage, your project engineer in RYD is following up the whole process and provide you the tooling progress report every Week. Fourth, the completion of the mold, the first mold trial and samples, internal review and measurement, samples delivery to customer for evaluation. Fifthly, if the samples are not approved, the reasons and solution should be found out and improved by our team, then making the second samples for customers checking till they works. Final, the molds’ packing and shipping or production injection molding.

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    Do you have any after-sales service?

    Yes, we provide the after-sales service. After the mold is exported, our sales engineers will continue to follow up the molding condition. During this stage, if the mold breaks down, our engineer will involves in the evaluation process and help to solve the issues.

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    What is the mold life? How do you guarantee that life?

    Generally speaking, in the injection mold industry, there are tooling life’s grade: 100,000 shots, 300,000 shots, 500,000 shots and 1 million shots. The tooling life is related to the mold steel, and the mold steel selection is based on the plastic material, parts surface treatment and the potential production quantity. Like other products in other industry, injection molds have a theoretical life time and the actual service life time. The theoretical life time would be listed on the quotation sheet from the beginning. How do we guarantee the mold life? When the mold is placed in RYD for production injection molding, we are responsible for the maintenance to ensure that the service life is close to the theoretical life. If the mold is exported to the customer’s country or region, under the proper using, the service life of the mold can be close to the theoretical life, but this is just like a car’s theoretical life and the actual service life is often difficult to achieve the exact same number. In the event of mold failure over a reasonable life time, our engineers will evaluate solutions for replacement of parts or mold repair by sending back to RYD’s workshop or having the local tooling manufacturer for assistance.

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    Will RYD do the short run or low-volume injection mold and molding?

    Yes, we will provide the short run or low volume injection mold and molding, rapid molds and family molds are the suitable selections.

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    Is there a MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity)?

    RYD Tooling does not have a policy for Minimum Order Quantity. Our sales and engineers will help you to recommend the suitable injection mold and molding solutions.

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    Can you do the second operation like painting, plating, assembling.

    At this moment, we only help our customers to do simple assembly. The silk screen printing, painting and electroplating should be done in our partners.

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    Can I send my existing tooling to RYD for injection molding?

    For the first set of mold of the first cooperation, we do not accept the tooling moving from other suppliers, which is not a good start. There may be many issues may happen in the process of solving the parts that left over between you and the former suppliers. If you have cooperated with RYD on the mold, that means we know each other well and we would accept the existing tooling sent to our place for molding. Here are something we need to check with you and the manufacturer who made this mold: the mold design drawings, the latest samples with molding parameters and inspection reports, our engineers need to check the tooling see if it works smoothly as well before the moving.

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    What’s RYD’s advantage?

    RYD Tooling is a mid-sized tooling company with 54,000 square feet workshop and 90 employees. Our biggest advantage is the engineering service. We believe that high-quality engineering service can lead to high quality products. We have an excellent and experienced team of engineers, every project engineer could lead and push the project progressive and fruitful. In RYD, no matter how big or small your project is, it will be taken seriously. We have enough personnel, equipment and resources as well as efficient ERP system to make sure the safe manufacturing and completion of your molds and products.


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Start Your Injection Mold Project with a Free Quote

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*Please upload your design or description file (Like:STP,DWG,PRT). Size limit is 20MB.