Professional Plastic Injection Mold Makers With 10+ Years Experience

RYD Tooling has been in the mold making industry since 2006. During this period,
our company has successfully worked on hundreds of injection mold projects for
clients in various industries. We have gained vast experience in mold design and
injection mold making through these project partnerships. They have also enriched
our understanding of the injection mold requirements of different types of products.
You can count on us to provide you with the right injection mold solutions.

Manufacturing Your Injection Molds From A to Z

Injection Mold Design

Our team of innovative designers develops injection mold designs based on the plastic part our client wishes to produce. We use high-precision CAD software to ensure every structural detail is captured in our mold designs.

Injection Mold Engineering

RYD Tooling design engineers analyze the accuracy and viability of each mold design using Mold Flow Analysis technology. They also evaluate its structure to determine whether it is optimized for the type of resin that will be used for injection molding.

Injection Mold Machining

Once the mold design is approved, mold production begins. We use high-accuracy CNC and EDM machines and top-quality steel to manufacture precision molds. They have high tolerances and are reliable for long-term use. We also optimize them to be high-performing and cost-efficient.

Injection Mold Assembly

Injection molds are manufactured in separate parts that require assembly to form a complete mold. After production, we polish each part and evaluate it to ensure it is the right size and quality. The mold is then carefully assembled and tested for functionality.


Certified Injection Mold Materials

RYD Tooling injection molds are made of steel. The type of steel that is used depends on the resin that will be used during the plastic injection molding process.

We obtain all our injection mold materials from vetted top-tier suppliers. We further require each supplier to provide certification documents to ascertain the authenticity of their materials. These stringent quality policies ensure that we deliver durable and reliable injection molds to our clients.

Advanced Plastic Injection Mold Factory

Our factory is spread across 4,000sqm and divided into departments that specialize in different stages of the mold-making process. It is equipped with 11 high-precision CNC machines and 9 EDM machines. These machines are controlled using advanced computer systems and are, therefore, very accurate. We also recalibrate them regularly to prevent errors.

The use of such advanced technology enables us to work fast without compromising quality. As a result, we manufacture about 400 mold sets in a year.


Customized Plastic Molds for Your Industries

RYD Tooling is an injection mold maker for numerous manufacturers of plastic injection molding parts across the world. Our clients operate in different sectors including the home appliance, electronic, and automotive industries among many others.

In addition to mold design and mold making, we offer comprehensive part design, 3D prototyping, and injection molding services. Each project is headed by a lead project manager who consults and updates the clients throughout the project.

Supply Molds For Your Injection Molding Business

Molds are used to form plastic parts during injection molding. This is done by injecting molten plastic resin into closed molds
at high pressure and leaving it to cool and adapt the shape of the mold.

Insert Molding

An insert mold is used when components like metal frames need to be molded into the plastic part.

Double Injection Molding

A bi injection molded structure is filled with resin using a plunger instead of the injection sprue that is used in ordinary injection molding.

Clear Plastic Molding

Clear plastic molds are made of high-grade polished steel and are used to produce transparent plastic parts.

Plastic Injection Molding

Plastic injection molds are suitable for manufacturing plastic parts through the injection molding process.

Large Injection Molds

Large moldsare specially designed to form large plastic components like those used in the aeronautical and automotive industries.

Worry-Free Injection Mold Modification & Repair Services

Our molds are designed to be durable and high-functioning. However, we understand that it is normal for tooling to develop faults. For this reason, we offer after-sale services to ensure our customers get the best user experience.

Each product is covered under warranty for 5 years or its indicated life span. We provide replacement parts for repairs during the warranty period if the fault is not caused by negligent use. Our technicians respond to injection mold repair queries within 24 hours.

Injection Molds Meeting Your Specs

RYD Tooling is well-versed in injection mold design and making for a variety of industrial applications. We utilize the latest techniques and machining equipment for efficient and precision mold manufacturing. Thorough analysis such as DFM, Mold Flow Analysis facilitates and expedites the production process, and enables the realization of your project.

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What you can get from our mold-making service:

  • Accurate and affordable mold tool
  • Significantly short lead time
  • 100% tool ownership
  • Durable and reliable quality

Tooling Expertise

  • 0.005mm minimum tolerance
  • 20t maximum weight
  • 1.5m x 2000mm maximum size
  • $10 million core annual turnover
  • 400 sets per year
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Advanced Machining Capabilities

Using the latest in technological equipment (EDM, multi axis CNC, and plastic injection molding machines), we are able to produce an injection mold with high quality and tight tolerance from simple to sophisticated design. Molds and parts produced by us have brought satisfaction to many clients from different industries like automotive, household appliances, electronic, furniture, aerospace, and other industrial markets.

Mold Making Experts

A highly skilled workforce and stringent quality standards ensure we consistently meet or exceed our customer’s expectations. Experienced molders include mold designers, toolmakers, plastics engineers, and fabricators. Some of them once served as lead engineer or project manager at a prestigious molding company like Accurate, with enough capability to meet all your tooling and molding needs.


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Start Your Injection Mold Project with a Free Quote

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*Please upload your design or description file (Like:STP,DWG,PRT). Size limit is 20MB.