Why RYD Tooling for Electronics Plastics Manufacturing

Expert in high-precision injection molding, RYD Tooling serves the global electronics manufacturing industry by creating plastic injection molds of tight tolerance and complex geometries.

  • High degree of design freedom

    With rich expertise and comprehensive analysis and testing, we can design and build plastic electronics components to any special requirements.

  • Advanced physical properties

    We use high-performance and engineering-grade resins to offer extreme temperature resistance, chemical resistance, enhanced load bearing, and other features.

  • Shorter assembly times

    We use efficient processing methods and techniques, as well as top-notch equipment, to guarantee quality and high productivity.

  • Lower total costs

    All RYD tools and production parts are made under one roof in our China-based factory, which eliminates the costs related to a third party.

Your Professional Electronic
Injection Mold Manufacturer

Electronic components are a major part of all kinds of machinery, appliances, automotives, and more. At RYDTOOLING, we believe in creating electronic injection molds that cater to our clients’ exact requirements.

We have been in the business of manufacturing plastic molds since 2006, accumulating valuable experience and expertise over all these years. Our team of well-trained designers and engineers bring years of experience to the table and can turn all your designs to reality.

We believe in turning our customers into long-term clients. We always partner up with all types of businesses, offering them exciting incentives that help them grow with us.

Customize Your Injection Electronic
Parts by Full Processes


Your ideas are important to us. We can create customized parts and mold designs for all kinds of electronic components. Just let us know your exact requirements and we’ll take care of the rest.


Any design is only as good as its execution. Our team of engineers will bring your design to life before the final rendition so we can tweak the design as per your needs.


Our top-grade machinery and high-end manufacturing technology allows us to manufacture molds made of the highest quality raw materials. We can custom-make all kinds of electronic inject molds for your business.


Good quality, reliable thermoplastic and steel components make sure that the mold is strong and durable while a well-designed and engineered mechanism guarantees optimum functionality. Our specialized techniques help us meet your specific requirements about temperature resistance, chemical resistance, enhanced load bearing, and more.

Different Injection Molds to
Fulfill Your Electronic Plastic Parts

An insert mold allows us to create a dual electronic component where a metal part is surrounded by a thermoplastic component. You can customize the size, weight, functionality, and flexibility of your insert mold.

If you’re looking for electronic molds that feature two or more thermoplastic resins or colors in a single operation then a two-shot mold is the right choice for you. We can custom-design molds to cater to more complex electronic functions.

Clear plastic molds are perfect for creating electronic components that will be visible to your users. Our highly transparent, high gloss finish, lighter and stronger clear plastic molds can be customized as per your need.

Electronic parts come in all sizes. If you’re looking for a larger electronic component then our large plastic mold will do the trick. We can customize the size, weight, and other requirements as per your demand.

Satisfy Your Electronic Part Design
with Full Consideration

Our factory features 11 sets of accurate CNC machines and 9 sets of EDM machines to design all kinds
of electronic injection molds. Our expert designers and project engineers make sure that all our molds
are precise, error-free, sturdy, and long-lasting.

Some design features we keep in mind while designing electronic molds include:

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Affordable Prices

The prices of the injection molding electronics we create are well within the affordable range of most clients; it doesn’t matter whether they are a big business or small. Our prices are unbeatable; you get superior quality for much less.

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Improved Product Appeal

We pay attention to how the products we make look like. Every client’s consideration is taken into account to create electronic injection molds in line with their specifications, down to the smallest detail.

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Reduced Wastage

We are environmentally conscious, and we try our very best to reduce wastage. We only produce what we need and recycle any leftover raw materials to ensure nothing goes to waste.

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We only use the best materials for manufacturing electronic injection molds to make sure they come out strong and durable. This is necessary for our clients as it helps them save money that would have gone into buying replacements.

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Wide Range of Applications

Our products are not just limited to one application; they are multi-use items that can be repurposed for other roles once they have served their initial function. The best value for your money.

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Why Apply
Injection Molding Parts to Your Manufacturing

Electronic components need to be precisely designed so that they can function without a glitch. This is important because the safety of a product often relies on the integrity of its electronic components. At RYDTOOLING, we realize the importance to creating electronic injection molds that will stand the test of time and regular use. We use only the best quality engineering-grade raw materials and cutting-edge manufacturing techniques to ensure our products function well and last you a long time.

Electronic Injection Molded Parts

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  • Electronics-2
  • Electronics-3
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  • Electronics-5
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  • electronics-7-VR-case
  • electronics-8
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Case Study

Wire Plug

Wire Plug

October 13, 2018. Our European customers send us the RFQ to make one set of injection mold for the plug with cable, which was applied in the automotive electronics. They have made one mold for this product in 2016, they need a new mold and want to make some structural improvements. Before this, RYD was not so familiar with this type of mold, but we were confident that we can fulfill our customer’s requirement.


Hear What Our Customer Says

  • customer

    Dave from USA

    First sample’s feedback—850060 Optical Lens--R803-1 Again, thank you for all your support to date. You and the RYD team couldn’t be more accommodating and professional during this tooling build.


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Start Your Injection Mold Project with a Free Quote

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*Please upload your design or description file (Like:STP,DWG,PRT). Size limit is 20MB.