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Large molds refer to plastic molds that are designed for components that feature bigger parts and components. Instead of smaller individual parts that come together to form a larger whole, a large mold features all components in one. At RYDTOOLING, we have the skills, experience, and capacity to create large molds that cater to a number of different industries. We also offer injection molding services to provide a one window solution to your manufacturing needs. Our offer of bulk purchase discounts, fully-customizable designs, and continuing sales support enables us to offer you the best service.

Large Mold Manufacturer

Advantages of Large Mold Molding

As far as delivering from our end is concerned, we are the best in the game. We follow timelines strictly to ensure that our customers get what they request at the time they need them. Outsourcing your large plastic injection molding needs from us has the following advantages.


Custom Product Size and Weight

We can create large molds in all shapes and sizes. All you have to do is send us your specifications and we will create molds that fit them exactly.


High Quality Raw Materials

Large molds require better strength and agility, that is why we use only the best raw materials to ensure that the mold stands the test of time.


Improved Robustness and Reliability

We at RYDTOOLING understand customer needs, and focus on making robust molds that can withstand the pressures of temperature,regular use, and wear and tear.


Design Flexibility

We can design large molds that can be used to create any number of components. A single mold may feature many smaller design elements that can be isolated to create smaller components separately.

Customize Insert Molds for Your Applications

Large molds are used in the following industries

Large electronic components like those needed for bigger machines can be easily made using our large molds.

Certain automotive and aerospace structures require larger plastic components that can be made using our large molds.

Bigger appliances need larger plastic components that can be manufactured through our large molds.

Large Medical equipment, furniture, and various consumer products require bigger thermoplastic components that can be manufactured using large molds.

Large Injection Molding Process

Large plastic injection molding helps you create larger plastic components. In the large plastic injection molding process we insert thermoplastics into the large plastic mold and heat them to fit the mold, then wait for them to cool down to get the finished product.

RYDTOOLING large injection molding process starts with a concept design and renderings of the large component you want to manufacture. Our rapid prototyping and 3D printing services allow us to bring your design to life so you can see it in action before it is manufactured. We tweak the design as per your need and create a large mold that matches your requirements exactly.

We also provide plastic injection molding services so you can get your end product, ready to be used. Our 14 injection molding machines ranging from 86 tons to 1,600 tons can help us cater to bulk orders for large components.

large injection molding process

High Quality Thermoplastics for Large Molds

The thermoplastics we use to create our large molds are high-quality and engineering-grade. The structural integrity of a large mold is critical since its function depends on it. This is the reason why we don’t compromise on raw materials and source only the best ones. Our products go through various control checks and quality tests in all stages of manufacturing to ensure precise, error-free mold production.

Large Injection Mold Factory

Our workshop has 4,000 square meters, with 11 sets of accurate CNC machines, 9 sets of EDM machines and other advanced equipment. We are capable to build over 400 sets of tools per year, have provided large injection molded parts for a wide variety of industries like the automotive, appliance, electronics, aerospace industry, and many others.

large injection machine
double head EDM
CNC machining

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