RYDTOOLING develops, designs, manufactures, and assembles products for industries as diverse as furniture, automotive, firearm, appliance and consumer product markets.

A wide range of capabilities for a wide range of industries.

From high-touch, Class-A surfaces to non-visual structural parts, you’ll find our products in a broad array of applications. Our versatility allows us to create everything from safety-critical assemblies to durable, functional garnish and trim.

No matter how simple or complex, each of our products is manufactured using principles of lean manufacturing and continuous improvement to provide a distinct competitive advantage and an exceptional level of value for our customers.

Injection Molds

RYD Tooling designs and manufactures plastic injection molds for a various of industries such as automotive, appliance, electronics, furniture, aerospace, military, medical and consumer products.

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Injection Molding

RYD is not only manufacturing the high quality plastic injection mold, but also providing plastic injection molding service with 14 injection molding machines in range from 86 tons to 1,000 tons.

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Being the tier 2 and tier 3 automotive injection molding companies’ tooling vendor for more than 10 years, RYD has managed 300+ sets of molds’ design and fabrication successfully.

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Optical Lenses

Many plastic injection mold companies claim that they know how to make injection molds for plastic optical lenses, but they don’t. RYD will provide you feasible manufacturing process and make the quality molds.

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Two Shot Molding

This is the process that requires experience of design and manufacturing. RYD Tooling builds injection molds, providing two shot molding service as well with effective cost and high quality.

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Clear Plastic Molding

RYD Tooling provide you decade of experience and quality service of building injection molds for high clear plastic parts, From the mold design to material selection through the manufacturing.

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