Why RYD Tooling for Home Goods

Specialized in precision injection molding, RYD Tooling is a trusted partner for appliance manufacturers around the world. Whether you’re looking for a solution for a simple or sophisticated component, we can add value to your product with advantages as follows:

  • High precision

    By thorough analysis and practical design, we engineer and build custom injection molds and plastic products to your exact specifications.

  • High performance

    Reliable steels and resins ensure the mold’s durability while its well-designed and engineered mechanism guarantees its functionality.

  • Increased profitability

    Our team of injection mold experts always delivers measurable results through systematic approach to improved quality and a reduced cost.

  • Exquisite details

    We use specialized techniques to meet any of your specific requirements about tolerance and low defect chances.

Injection Molded Plastics for Home Appliance

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Case Study

Wire Plug

Wire Plug

October 13, 2018. Our European customers send us the RFQ to make one set of injection mold for the plug with cable, which was applied in the automotive electronics. They have made one mold for this product in 2016, they need a new mold and want to make some structural improvements. Before this, RYD was not so familiar with this type of mold, but we were confident that we can fulfill our customer’s requirement.


Hear What Our Customer Says

  • customer

    Cristian from Germany

    Thank you for your support. To be honest, yesterday evening I was very confused and upset about the status of the project, especially about missing 3D models of the molds. Today, in the morning, when I saw the 3D models, I had a really positive surprise. Thank you for the efforts of RYD Team. I really appreciated.

  • customer

    Igor from Canada

    Crank handle and Lid—Sample Report--R623-2 Thanks Young…by the way – amazing job. It’s great to have a partner like you on this.

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