Injection molding is a type of manufacturing process that uses molten plastic pellets injected into a mold, usually a metal, under high pressure to produce products of different kinds. The main plastic used is polyethylene either high or low density. It is used for the large production of items especially those with complex shapes. It serves several industries like medical, automotive, home appliances, construction, packaging industries, and so on. 


Injection molding has been growing over the years in many countries. More people are investing in this industry since it has growth potential, and in India, the industry is expanding at a high rate making India among the leaders in injection molding. In this post, we are going to look at the manufacturers of injection molding in India to be aware of the companies offering these services.

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RYD Tooling is a plastic manufacturing company dealing with plastic molds and is located in the south of China in Shenzhen. It is experienced in the tooling design and manufacturing of plastic products and other operations. It has an operating area of 4000 square meters equipped with 11 CNC machines and 9 EDM machines and can produce over 400 sets of tools annually. The majority of these products are exported to North America and Europe.


RYD meaning ‘Realize Your Design’ is committed to customer satisfaction by ensuring their products are of quality and unique designs. They are above standard and are preferred by many consumers across the world.

Primex Plastic PVT Limited

Primex Plastics Pvt Limited Logo


Primex Plastics was started 30 years ago in Bangalore, Karnataka. It is a manufacturing company that produces automotive parts as its main products. Other items include electric and white goods, furniture components, and sub-assemblies. It has expanded to include 13 injection molding machines in their 25,000 square meters factory. It is among the top suppliers of the above products and this led to its mention in Trade India’s list of verified sellers.

Tooling Temple

Tooling Temple Logo


Tooling Temple is a manufacturing company located in Coimbatore and was established in 1992. They produce plastic injection molds and molded components and supply them across India in industries like electrical, automobile, computer machinery, textile, and so on. The products produced are of high quality and good design and all this is done by an experienced team in plastic injection molding.

Vikas Industries

Vikas Industries Logo


The plastic revolution in India paved the way for companies to come up and this is the time Vikas Industries was established. They started small and grew into a big industry earning their spot in the Indian market. They offer services like injection molds, assembling, manufacturing of molds, gas injection molds, goods development, and injection molding techniques. Currently, Vikas Industries has expanded to Thane and Pune with their main offices in Mumbai. 

Think 3D

Think 3D Logo


Think 3D uses 3D molding machines in their manufacturing processes, specifically the vertical injection molding machines and the desktop injection molding machines. They came up with this idea since the regular horizontal machines take up a lot of space compared to the vertical ones. This technique uses over-molding and insert-molding while desktop machines are used for small products. Think 3D is capable of producing more products since they can incorporate more machines in their spaces.

Anantha Naayaki Enterprises

Anantha Naayaki Enterprise Logo


Anantha Naayaki Enterprises was founded 25 years ago in Chennai. They are a manufacturing industry that produces plastic injection molds. Their goods have qualities that attract the market like effectiveness, durability, and are very simple to use. They also offer repair services for these machines which makes them very reliable in terms of customer service. Their products are exported around the globe and not just limited to India.

Micro Plastic

Micro Plastic Logo


Micro Plastic began in 2005 in Bangalore as a small company with 3 injection molding machines. They grew from that to owning 125 machines and a 400,000 square meters factory.  Their main products are toys and molded components, others are sports equipment, subassemblies to automotive, electricals and electronics, power tools, appliances, telecoms, and heavy engineering.


Hikon Logo


Hikon was started in New Delhi in 1979 and is among the leading manufacturers of plastic injection molds. Their products and services include recycling units, injection molding machines, machine supplementary, plastic shredding machines, and plastic reprocessing services. They use state-of-the-art machines that are convenient for a peaceful working environment since their hydraulic pump emits reduced sound making their operations quiet and efficient while reducing the cost of production.


Kruger Logo


The Kruger industry was started by two people Rajalingam and Ravi in Bangalore primarily to meet the demand for industrial battery containers and accessories. They are concerned with product design, mold design, plastic optimization, injection molding, and prototyping samples. They manufacture many products using machines with high precision. They believe in making products that are strong, superior, durable, light, and eco-friendly.




It was conceived in 1997 as a joint enterprise by MIM and an Indo-American industrialist. It continued to grow and in 2001, it became Indo- MIM and focused on injection molding. It is involved in ceramic and metal molding. Ceramic molding is cost-effective and has high productivity. Indo-MIM is certified and is a global supplier.


Injection molding is an industry that is very useful in the world today. Most products manufactured with this process are quite affordable and of good quality making life a bit easier especially those in marginalized societies. Our company RYD Tooling offers a variety of services and products and if you require more information, you can contact us anytime.

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