Florida is one of the most famous cities in the US and is known for a lot of things, the biggest among them being the fine weather and the diverse groups of people who call the state their home. What most don’t know, however, is that Florida is a very industrialized place and it plays host to a number of big manufacturing companies. Among those, the ones that stand out the most are the plastic injection molding companies.


The following is a quick analysis of these companies, a brief history of how they came up, the type of product that they handle, the number of people they employ, and their locations. If you have been looking for injection molding solutions in Florida, this may help you narrow down your search. 

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The demand for molding products and services is always increasing every year and this was part of the reason why RYDTOOLING was established in 2006. What began as a small company servicing the domestic and commercial needs in Shenzhen has gone on to become one of the biggest injection molding companies in the entire nation. RYDTOOLING, as one of the best injection molding manufacturers, now has a long list of clients that rely on their products and services ranging from consumer appliances, aerospace, food and beverage, and electronics, just to name a few.


Plastimold Logo

Source: www.plastimoldproducts.com

Plastimold is a giant among giants as far as the plastic molding industry in Florida is concerned. The company was started over 20 years ago as a humble provider of varied plastic solutions to the domestic and commercial needs of the market at the time. The company eventually graduated into a major player in the area and now produces a number of high-quality products that are in high demand in the automotive, consumer appliances, the electronic sector, amongst many others.

Ayanna Plastics & Engineering

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Source: http://www.ayannaplastics.com

Ayanna Plastics is an ISO-certified company that has been around for close to 20 years. It is mainly focused on the creation of mold designs and products that are used in a wide range of industrial needs. Some of these include the medical sector, the automotive industry, aerospace, marine and defense. Some of their processes they are actively engaged in include part design and mold selection, tooling, rotational molding, among other major ones that are common in plastic making companies.

American Tool and Mold

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Source: https://a-t-m.com

American Tool and Mold is a veteran in the plastic molding business and has been in the game for quite a while, amassing invaluable experience and lessons that have helped it continue to thrive even when the environment gets tougher and more competitive. The company creates all types of daily use products that are in high demand by the commercial and domestic sectors. It supplies most of Florida and other states with some of the surplus products finding their way overseas where they have a good reputation, thanks to the use of technology and a qualified team of experts.

Artemis Plastics

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Source: https://artemisplastics.com

Artemis began as a full-service contract manufacturer of plastic injection molds in 2014 with the sole purpose of providing plastic solutions for the locals in Florida as well as giving manufacturers the important plastic parts they needed for their respective industrial products. Since its inception, Artemis Plastics has been growing from strength to strength and has won a number of awards on top of being an ISO-certified company, a feat they achieved barely two years after launching. The markets that the company serves include the electronic industry, aerospace, automotive, consumer appliances, military, and defense, among many others.



Source: www.simcobox.com

Standard Injection Molding Company (SIMCO) was founded in 1985 and is among the oldest plastic injection molders in the state of Florida. Over the years, the company has seen the rise and fall of various industries but has continued to hold fast, adapting to the changing times to stay afloat. One particular tactic they have embraced that has helped them on their journey is technology. They have invested heavily in some of the latest manufacturing technologies and paired that up with reliable modern machinery to ensure that every product that comes off their assembly is nothing short of quality.

Seaway Plastics Engineering

Seaway Plastics Engineering

Source: www.seawayplastics.com

Seaway Plastics Engineering has undergone quite the changes over the years since its establishment in 1970. It was among the first companies to start plastic molding activities in the region, and it has used that experience to ensure that the success it enjoyed back then continues to this day. The turning point came in 2012 when the company expanded their production and acquired some state-of-the-art machinery that tripled its production capacity, putting them near the top of the food chain in Florida.

Nylacarb Corporation

Nylacarb Logo

Source: https://nylacarb.com

The company was founded in 1988 by Frank Cooley, and it is a family-owned enterprise with humble beginnings. Over the years, Nylacarb Corp has surpassed expectations to go on and become one of the largest manufacturers and suppliers of plastic-based injection moldings. Their products rate highly in terms of quality and are in demand from both domestic and commercial interests. The use of technology has played a huge role in ensuring that the company continues to keep up with its competition.


Florida is an industrialization hub, and the presence of so many manufacturing companies is not surprising at all. Injection molding is big business, and more people return to it as it saves them money and time. Make sure you check out our website at the end of this to get more information on injection molding.


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