Plastic injection molding was started by American inventor John W. Hyatt. He was trying to make billiard balls out of plastic to replace the normally used material, ivory. He succeeded in his venture but the balls did not impress people. However, his machine caught the eye of many and was considered an impressive innovation. The government together with private investors began investing in plastic injection molding and soon became a worldwide industry.


Plastic injection molding is a process of making plastics by using an injection that injects molten plastic into a mold and when cooled, it forms different plastic items. it serves a couple of industries like medical, automotive, electricals, electronics, furniture, and so on. In Texas, various companies dealing with plastic injection molding include the following.

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Founded in 2006 in Shenzhen, China, RYD Tooling is a world-class plastic injection molding manufacturers. They specialize in plastic molding and tool design and making. Their facility occupies a total area of 4000 square meters and is stocked with 9 sets of EDM machines and 11 accurate CNC machines which are able to build 400 sets of tools in one year both simple electronics to complex automotive components.

Products at RYD Tooling include clear plastic molds, insert molds, plastic injection molds, large molds, and two-shot molds. These products are supplied to industries such as appliances, electronics, and automotive. Abilities like design, injection molding, prototyping, and mold making are also done in RYD Tooling. They distribute their products and services in China and around the world.

All-Plastics LLC

All-Plastics LLC Logo


All-Plastics LLC is a plastic injection molding company founded in 1964 in Addison, Texas.


They use trailblazing technology to manufacture their goods, enabling them to attain above standard projects satisfying their clients beyond measure. Their team of experts ensures that all the projects entrusted to them are quality and punctual to supply to their various customers like the packaging industry, medical, pharmaceutical, consumer, and industrial. 


They own two facilities in Texas, one in Addison, Dallas, and the other in Kerrville, San Antonio. These facilities contain a range of injection molding equipment, a quality lab, and a tool room. In All-Plastic, they are capable of tool building, prototyping, turnkey manufacturing, and scientific molding. Other services include in-mold labeling, assembly, and packaging. Over the years, they have won several awards in 2010, 2011, 2017, and 2018.

D&L Tooling and Plastics Inc

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D&L Tooling and Plastics has been in the market for over 50 years. They have experience in custom molded plastics products. They use 18 molding machines that range from 95 – 1100 tons in their operations. They supply to recreational industries, medical, and telecommunication. Repairs are also done in their factory since they have a tool shop in the house. Being in service for over 5 decades, they guarantee quality in their products.


Other services are product testing, assembly, hot stamping, sonic welding, solvent bonding, packaging, decorating, tapping, drilling, shrink wrapping, foil stamping, heat staking, and labeling. All these are done cost-effectively.

Texas Injection Molding LLC

Texas Injection Molding LLC Logo


Texas Injection Molding LLC was founded in Houston, Texas. They had a big vision; to use their God-given talents to be the best supplier, best employer, and best customer to their vendors. They have 24,000 square feet factory housing 20 injection molding machines ranging from 55 – 825 tons, 3 silos for bulk material handling, a tool shop for maintenance and repair, and a technical center that offers all services.

Capabilities include: prototyping, embedded RFID, plastic injection molding, plastic tooling, nameplates, badges, designing products, LED lighting, and plastic secondary services. Texas LLC supplies to the following markets; food and beverage, energy and oilfield, sports and outdoors, medical, electronics, business equipment, and industrial. Their supply chain is made easier since they are close to Houston’s Hobby Airport.

Plastic Molding Technology Inc

PMT Inc Logo


PMT was established in 1973 by Charles Sholtis and was previously known as Prototype Molding Co. He changed the name to the current one in 1976 and made changes in the services they offered. The first facility was a rented space and owned only one CB4 molding press. Today, PMT manufactures injection molded components and small precision-engineered products distributed to electronics industries, consumer appliances, medical, telecom, automotive, boating markets, recreational vehicles, and business equipment.

Offered services include mold sourcing, engineering, design, over-molding, insert molding, assembling, distribution, inventory management, and encapsulation of components. Their location plays a huge role in the supply chain since they border Mexico, providing affordable, adjustable, quick distribution services. PMT is concerned with the ecosystem thus has reduced its carbon emission and usage of energy.


Plastic injection molding in Texas has grown over the years leading to a competitive but reliable industry. The location in Texas makes it possible for growth since they are close to Mexico and still supply to the US. it is an important industry that creates jobs for both locals and foreigners and in turn contributes to the country’s economy. The products in these industries meet the market demand and even go beyond consumers’ expectations.

One company that stands out is RYD Tooling, we offer an array of services that are quality and just in time for you. These services, products are highlighted on our website and you can contact us anytime to get conversant with plastic injection molding and our prestigious company.


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