Injection molding is used widely especially for polymeric fabrication. This process has grown and undergone changes over the years from metal die casting. Plastic is preferred, however, the molten plastic has to be injected using pressure into a mold since it is highly viscous. It is left to cool and solidify to finally obtain a plastic product. Polyethylene is the most used type of plastic but there are other available plastics that can be used,

Plastic injection molding has become a fundamental process in today’s world since the items produced are accessible to the majority of the population unlike other types of goods. This industry is reliable making it a hotcake in the market. Companies around the globe are emerging and others diversifying from their former operations to join plastic molding. We are going to look at plastic injection molding manufacturers in Johannesburg, South Africa.

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RYD Tooling meaning Realize Your Design is a plastic injection molding company located in Shenzhen, China. They are dedicated to realizing their clients’ dreams through uniqueness in design that places them above standard. They are experts when it comes to designing and making tools and plastic molding. They are open-minded and take on new technology and incorporate them into their existing vast equipment.

Capabilities include: prototyping, injection molding, mold making, and designing. Products at RYD Tooling are clear plastic molds, plastic injection molds, two-shot molds, large molds, and insert molds. These products are supplied to electronics industries, automotive, and appliances. They produce 400 sets of tools in a single year with the help of the latest machines 11 CNC machines and 9 EDM machines. 90% of these goods are exported abroad.

Kaydyl Injection Molders

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Kaydyl is an injection molding company situated in Johannesburg. It was started in 2009 and was doing overflow work for already established international companies. It is a family-owned enterprise thus has common values such as stability, loyalty, and commitment. Kaydyl offers simplicity and reliability achieved via teamwork and accountability. Their company slogan is ‘Honour the Past and Invent the Future ’.


They have 9 injection molding machines ranging from 60 – 260 metric tonnes, these are Demag, Victor, Topfine, Bestontech, and Borche. They use the latest machines and techniques since they value quality making their products efficient, durable, and preferred by the market. All their operations are done in their facility and this ascertains clients on the safety of their products without any exterior influences.


In terms of mold design, they are capable of SolidWorks, AutoCAD, Part Advisor, and Mastercam.

Plastic Innovation

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Plastic Innovations is located in Modderfontein, Johannesburg. They have been involved in plastic injection molding, plastic design, and manufacturing for a while now. Their services include mold design, product design, assembly, and finished item molding. They supply security, computer industries, water, racking, shelving, water, mining, and furniture. As their name suggests, their mission is to provide innovative, affordable plastic solutions.


Products include; ergonomic laptop stand, water dispenser bottles, a tamping device for mines, a 5-gallon non-spill and one pice cup, blow-molded plastic money boxes, and leveling devices for shelving and gondolas. Exports to SADEC affiliated countries are duty-free leading to saving up to 25% or even more.

Busa Plastics

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Busa Plastics is a plastics manufacturing company in Johannesburg, SouthAfrica. It was started 40 years ago as a custom producer of molded items for electronics, garage door, building, and furniture industries. They operated with only 1 injection molding machine of 30 tons. Today, they own 26 injection molding machines with a capacity of 350 tons, a CNC tool room, and 2 blow-molding machines.


Operations in Busa Plastics run for 24 hours, 5 days weekly. The time put in their work comes in handy since quality goods are produced on time meeting their clients’ expectations and also the market demand. Their raw materials are obtained both locally and internationally. Services like closures and tamper-proof caps assembly are done in their facility. They are known for reliability and high-quality products.

Polar Plastics

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Polar Plastics was founded 25 years ago in Robertville, Johannesburg, and has experience in plastic screw-on closures and bottles. They serve industries like cosmetics, beverage, mineral water, and pharmaceutical. The closures come in different colors and sizes that range from 20 – 48 millimeters. Wading is done in their facility and this results in timely production and transportation to clients, also prevents human interaction with the closures. 


The new range of bottles is the double handle 5-liter jerry and 5-liter stackable bottle. The stackable bottle has a 38 mm neck and it saves both space and money for chemicals, food, and beverage. The double handle is a type of thermoplastic and is known for tensile strength enabling it to withstand high temperatures.


Plastic injection is a needed entity in our economies since it contributes a lot from cheap quality products, source of employment, improvement of infrastructure, stimulation of innovations, and so on. Ever since it was introduced into the world, plastic injection molding has evolved and taken over other industries that deal with similar products but use different materials. This is possible because it is desired by many.


We have discussed several companies that deal with plastic injection molding but one thing for sure is that RYD Tooling is the masterpiece among all. With its values, quality products, efficiency, and commitment to clients. If you need a quality but affordable item, contact us a soon as possible and we will attend to your needs and even surpass your expectations.


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