Plastic injection molding is simply the process of producing plastic items. It is done through a process that involves the injection of molten plastic into a metal mold of different shapes. This is done using high pressure since plastic has a very high viscosity. After that, it is cooled, and once solidified, a finished product is formed. The process utilizes various plastics, but the most used type of plastic is polyethylene either high or low density.


Plastic injection started in America after John W. Hyatt, an American inventor, made plastic billiard balls. This was something new since the balls were previously made out of ivory. Many investors saw this as an opportunity and soon, companies dealing with plastic injection molding emerged. Today, the industry has grown beyond borders and is known around the world. In this post, we will look at the plastic injection molding companies in Thailand.

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Founded in 2006, RYD Tooling is a manufacturing company concerned with injection molding. They are located in Shenzhen, China. They are specialized in designing, making plastic molds, and other services. Their mission is to become the first and preferable solution for plastic needs in China and the world. They visualize satisfying their clients every time by exceeding their expectations.

They have a factory, 4000 square meters that contain the latest machines like EDM machines, CNC machines, and so on. In their operations, they always use 3D measuring machines before EDM to assess the electrode. Also, inspecting the cavity and slider before commencing mold trials. Their team of experts consists of 4 project engineers and 8 product designers who are also fluent in English hence can communicate to clients directly. 

Their exports are mostly in Europe and North America.




KEiTEQ is a plastic injection molding manufacturing company situated in Samut Prakan, Thailand where their head office is. They also established other offices in Selangor, Malaysia, and Tokyo, Japan since most of their designers are in these countries. They can design and create efficient and economical products. Various mold technologies like a hot runner, double color molds, single-color, and cool runners are available in KEiTEQ.


Mold fabrication machines in this company are; CNC, EDM, gun drill, wire cut, grinding, injection, milling, smart scope, cutting machine, video 3D scope, and lathe. Their capabilities are designing and producing molds for injection molding with a capacity that ranges from 40 – 650 tons, higher capacity machines are sourced out. Their products are distributed across Asia especially in countries like Japan and Malaysia.

Thai Mitsuwa Public

Thai Mitsuwa Public Logo


The company started in 1988 with only 80 employees and 6 injection molding machines. They specialized in home appliances meeting the demand for modern and unique home appliances. Currently, they have expanded and increased the number of employees to 1200 and 125 injection molding machines. Products at Thai Mitsuwa are office automation, car mounts, audio equipment, home appliances, motorcycle, exterior and interior equipment for four-wheeler vehicles, and audio-visuals.


They are among the leading plastic injection molding companies in Thailand and export their products to Japan. Clients served by Mitsuwa are Daikin, Honda, Panasonic, Canon, and so on. The company believes in the quality of goods and this is ensured by the technology in place and a team of experts. In 2006, the company was recognized and listed in the Market for Alternative Investment ( MAI). Over the years, they have received several awards from 1996 onwards.

TTS Plastics Ltd

TTS Plastics Ltd Logo


TTS Plastics Ltd was moved from Taiwan to Thailand and that is where it was renamed TTS. They formed another company T&K Plastics Co. Ltd whose responsibility was to supervise labor. Production and raw materials are done in the main company TTS. They offer services such as plastic injection, molds assembly, molding design, molds modification, and in-house molds.


Their factory in Chachoengsao is 100,800 square meters and houses 110 injection molding machines ranging from 50 – 1600 tons and 26 assembly lines. They have an additional 28,600 square meters warehouse. Products include electronics, traveling bags, and automotive. TTS Plastics has above standard technical experts who oversee all the stages in the production process.

Thai Newton Co. Ltd

Thai Newton Co. Ltd Logo


Thai Newton Ltd has changed since its inception. It was started as the Nishine factory of TOHNO SEIMITSU Co. Ltd in 1986. It continued to grow and in 2000, the company split up and Newton Co Ltd was formed. Thai Newton was established in 2012 as a branch of Newton Ltd. their main clients are Nikon and Thai Koito company. Their main products are automotive parts but there are other products produced too.


They own a couple of machines in their facility such as  9 vertical injection molding machines ranging from 10 tonnes to 20 tonnes, dimensioning tools, and 10 horizontal injection molding machines ranging from 5 – 50 tonnes. They have a technology pillar consisting of molding, automation, and injection. Their capabilities are research and development, automation technology, mold technology, and injection molding technology.


Thailand is a country that is quick to adapt and embrace innovations and this has contributed to the growing numbers of companies dealing with plastic injection molding. Plastic injection molding is a vital process that facilitates the availability of necessary items which are inexpensive and still of quality. This industry has promoted many aspects especially the transport sector since most of the products are exported abroad.


Companies like RYD Tooling are spearheading these changes. Our services and products are reputable across Asia and the world since we always ensure our customers’ expectations are transcended. Reach out to us for more information on our company and plastic injection molding.


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