Plastic injection molding is a type of plastic manufacturing process that requires the use of an injection to deliver molten plastic into a mold using high pressure due to the high plastic viscosity. The mold is made of metal in a variety of shapes and sizes to produce unique products. The mold is usually made of two halves that are stuck together to form a cavity where the molten plastic will be injected and once solidified, it is pulled apart to eject the plastic item made.


This method was invented by an American inventor known as John W. Hyatt. He innovated his plastic molding machine to try and create billiard balls from plastics. The balls were previously made out of ivory and he intended to replace ivory with plastic. The balls did not receive the attention he wanted but his machine did and made news, soon both the government and private sectors wanted a piece of the cake. The machine has diversified ever since. In Pennsylvania, the companies involved in plastic injection molding are as follows.

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RYD Tooling is a plastic injection manufacturing company located in Shenzhen, China, the city of science and technology. It was started in 2006 and now boasts of 90 employees who work tirelessly to ensure quality products and services are produced. Their main services are designing, development, injection molding, and prototyping. They export 90% of their products to Europe and North America.


Products manufactured are; two-shot molds, clear plastic molds, large injection molds, insert molds, and plastic injection molds. They serve industries like appliances, automotive, and electronics. They have a 4,000 square meters facility housing machines like CNC, EDM, injection molding machines with capacity ranging from 80 – 360 tons. They have a very capable team of experts who expedite operations at RYD Tooling consisting of 8 designers and 4 project engineers.

Abtec Inc

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Abtec Inc is a trusted global company in plastic injection molding. They were established in 1981 at Bristol, in Eastern Pennsylvania. They are specialized in the development, design, and production of custom injection molds and supporting tools. They produce injection molds at a very fast pace due to their cutting-edge technologies in mold making. They supply to various parts in the US apart from the mid-Atlantic region.


They apply various CAD formats in their operations like SolidWorks, AutoCAD, Pro/E, CADKEY, and CimatronE. They also use clients’ sketches, models, parts, existing molds, and drawings to ensure they execute the right product and of premium quality. They have the machinery for insert molding (horizontal clamps), over-molding, unscrewing, and side action (hydraulic core pull). Their mission is simply to provide the best quality products at the best pricing.

Aline Components Inc

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Aline Components Inc is a manufacturing company located in Kulpsville, Pennsylvania. It was established in 1965 and offers services like rapid prototyping, design, and customized tooling. These services are delivered within the specified time by the client. They always ensure they recruit qualified employees who create a team of experienced workers to deliver quality and efficient products.


The factory at Aline Components Inc has an area of 18,000 square feet equipped with various machines including injection molding machines. The machines’ capacity ranges from 28 – 300 tons of clamping pressure. Specialization is on custom injection molding facilitated by their team. They use different types of thermoplastic materials like thermoplastic elastomers and ABS.


Some of their capabilities include insert molding, hot stamping, sandwich molds, stack molds, in-mold labeling, tapping, drilling, in-mold decoration, and so on.

C&J Industries

C&J Industries Logo


It began in a small garage manufacturing high-precision plastic components governed by the two owners who established it. It became known as one of the best quality plastic components supplying to clients like Western Electric, Packard Electric, and AMP. they expanded their business and started producing medical injection molds and in 1982, they became FDA certified medical device producers. This move hurled them into becoming a recognized company locally and internationally.


At the moment, they own a 215,000 square feet facility in Meadville which contains class 8 cleanroom molding, class 7 cleanroom assembly, 57 presses, in-house tooling, and white room assembly. They offer contract manufacturing attainable with their design and development team. Services at C&J Industries include medical contract manufacturing, tooling services, plastic injection manufacturing, medical injection molding, plastic injection molding, product design and development, and medical injection molding.

Drug Plastics & Glass Co, Inc

Drug Plastics & Glass Logo


The company started in 1963 in Boyertown, Pennsylvania in a basement. They were selling plastic pill bottles wholesale. They grew from this humble beginning into a manufacturer of plastic bottles for the health, beauty, and pharmaceutical industries. They are a family-owned business and they pride in the sharing of common values in their company which help make the working experience relaxing and fun.


They produce bottles, closures, and fitments for pharmaceuticals, cannabis, nutraceuticals, and other special orders from their clients. The company is proudly owned by a woman who creates a calm atmosphere in the working place. Their focus is on wellness and medical packaging, and they ensure their products are perfect and not just good quality. They are ISO certified and FDA registered.


Plastic injection molding in Pennsylvania has rapidly grown and is now among the leading states in the US in this industry. This industry is very important as it serves other crucial industries like medical, electronics, pharmaceuticals, consumer, and many more. Plastic products are usually preferred for many uses since they are durable, light, easy to use, and cost-effective.


At RYD Tooling, we offer all this at our company. We are a one-stop shop where you get all your needs met in-house. We believe that our clients are a priority and we always drive to impress them beyond words. For a better understanding of our company, reach out to us and you will be attended to by our team of professionals.


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