Portland is the capital city of the state of Oregon on the West Coast. It has a long history of industrialization with a number of factories located around the city, serving its huge population as well as other areas in the United States. Among these industries, there are injection molding factories.


We are going to explore some of the best injection molding manufacturers in Portland, look at their brief histories and the specific type of injection molding products they are involved in as well as the industries they serve. Stick around to the end if you have been looking for an injection molding partner in the state of Oregon

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Since 2016, RYDTOOLING has been actively engaged in the manufacture of plastic injection molds for various industries within and beyond China. Located in Shenzhen, one of the most industrialized regions of China, the company relies on the latest technologies and modern machinery to ensure that every single product that comes off its assembly line is up to international standards. Some of the industries that benefit from their innovative technologies include the pharmaceutical industry, food, and beverage, chemical industries, among many others.

Allstate Plastics Inc

AllState Plastics LLC Logo

Source: https://allstate-plastics-inc.business.site

Allstate Plastics has been active for the last 27 years, establishing itself as one of Oregon’s prominent dealers in injection molding. The fact that the injection molding factory has been around this long despite the stiff competition in the industry is all the proof you need to know how good they are at what they do. Products made by the company are in high demand within the state, and any surplus is usually exported to other countries where they are used for various industries. Allstate Plastics has also invested heavily in technology, and this is part of the reason why it continues to be relevant in the ever-changing plastic injection landscape.

Cascade Precision Molding

CPM Logo1

Source: www.cpminc.us

Another veteran that has been around since 1976, producing high-quality injection moldings for domestic and commercial needs in the Portland region and beyond. Cascade Precision Molding are known for their specialized products, thanks to a department that is solely focused on dealing with custom requests from the many clients that have been loyal customers for all these years. One thing that has made them a reliable company is their quick turnarounds, thanks to a team of qualified workers who are able to handle everything, from creating the concept from scratch all the way to delivery and distribution. A quality that most of its competitors don’t have.

Nelson Unique Tooling LLC

Nelson Unique Tooling Logo

Source: www.nelsonunique.com

Nelson Unique Tooling LLC was created in 1965 as a family-owned company that provided small-scale solutions to the people and companies that were starting to crop up in the areas and were in need of plastic products. The plastic injection molding company is involved in all types of molding processes with injection molding being their most dominant one. At the core of the company’s continued growth and relevance are technology and modern machinery, which have ensured the products coming off the assembly line meet the international safety standards.

ABC Plastics

ABC Plastics Logo

Source: https://plasticsnw.com

ABC Plastics has undergone a lot of changes over the years since it was inaugurated in 1972. It came up at a time when industrialization was really starting to kick in, and aplastic products were in high demand. Building on this, ABC Plastics was able to quickly build its reputation, becoming a reliable supplier of high-quality plastic products that have been used for some of the most demanding industries in Oregon like the pharmaceutical sectors, aerospace, automotive, and food and beverage. Some of the products are also exported to other areas of America and other countries overseas as well.

R&D Plastics

R&D Plastics Logo

Source: https://rdplast.com

R&D is a global brand with its headquarters in Oregon. It has been producing all kinds of injection molding products for a varied range of industries that include food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, automotive, chemicals, among many others. It has one of the biggest production capacities with a specific focus on plastic injection OEM products. Most of the products made by R&D Plastics find their way to other markets around the world like Europe, Africa, and Asia, where their demand keeps rising every year, further proof of how good the company is when it comes to injection molding plastics.

Buss Precision Mold Inc

BussMold Logo

Source: www.bussmold.com

For over 30 years, Buss Precision Mold Inc has been churning out plastic products for domestic and commercial needs in the state of Oregon. What started out as a small company with a small portfolio quickly grew into a world-beater with some of the most impressive production catalogs in the industry. Besides injection molding, the company also dabbles in other molding processes, and it relies on modern machinery and manufacturing technologies to ensure that everything that comes off its assembly line is up to international standards.


The city of Portland is home to some of the oldest injection molding companies that have been active in the industry for years, bringing a wealth of experience that has ensured quality products are made every year. For more information on plastic injection molding, make sure you check out our website and have all your questions answered by a team of dedicated experts.

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